Pure Guard

Pure Guard is a high-quality product at a competitive price. The brand is recognized as a leading supplier of a variety of lubricants, greases, and oils. It offers a complete line of products which include passenger, commercial, and industrial. High Temp and multi-purpose greases are available in the Pure Guard brand.

Some of Pure Guard’s lubricants, greases, and oils that we carry, but are not limited to:

  • Synthetic Blend Motor Oils
    • Synthetic Blend 15W40 CK-4/SN+
    • Synthetic Blend Diesel SAE 10W30 CK-4/SN
    • Synthetic Blend 5W20 SN+/GF-5
    • Synthetic Blend 5W30 SN+/GF-5
    • Synthetic Blend 10W30 SN+/GF-5
  • Full Synthetic Motor Oils
    • Full Synthetic Euro SAE 5W30 SN+/C3
    • Full Synthetic Euro SAE 5W40 SN+/C3
    • Full Synthetic SAE 0W40 SN+
    • Synthetic DEXOS 0W20
    • Synthetic DEXOS 5W20
    • Synthetic DEXOS 5W30
    • Full Synthetic SAE 0W20 SN+/GF-5
    • Full Synthetic SAE 0W30 SN+/GF-5
    • Full Synthetic 5W20 SN+/GF-5
    • Full Synthetic 5W30 SN+/GF-5
    • Full Synthetic 10W30 SN+/GF-5

  • Tractor Fluid
    • XL Tractor Hydraulic Fluid
  • Multi-Purpose ATF
  • Synthetic Global ATF Meets TES 295
  • XL-6000 Hydraulic Fluids
    • XL-6000 AW 32
    • XL-6000 AW 46
    • XL-6000 AW 68
  • Low Ash Industrial Oils
    • XL Low Ash Engine Oil SAE 30
    • XL Low Ash SAE 15W40
    • Low Ash Engine SAE 15W40
  • XL Ashless Industrial Oils
    • XL Ashless SAE 15W40
    • XL Ashless Engine Oil SAE 30
    • XL Ashless Engine Oil SAE 40
  • High Mileage 5W20 SN+/GF-5
  • High Mileage 5W30 SN+/GF-5
  • High Mileage 10W30 SN+/GF-5

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