Retail Partnerships

Build Your Business with Waring Oil

Don’t settle for a job. Build a business, your business, by becoming a Waring Oil Company retail partner. Our retail partners are part of one of the world’s most recognizable names in petroleum — Chevron Texaco. Chevron Texaco is known worldwide for their quality, customer service, and dominant market share.

Waring Oil offers our fuel station retail partners competitive pricing, years of experience, and excellent support and service. That, combined with your skills and dedication, will ensure your business is a success.

Types of Retail Partnerships

  • Waring places a fueling system at your existing location after a third party market analysis projects adequate volumes
  • Triple Net Lease (NNN): Waring builds either a branded or unbranded location and leases it to you with shared revenue on retail fuel sales

Partnership Benefits

  • Shared cost of interstate ramp signage
  • Access to brand training materials
  • For unbranded locations, Waring provides the lowest cost credit card processing fees

Retail Partnership Services

  • Assistance in site selection
  • Third party market analysis, which includes demographics, traffic counts, and volume projections
  • Site development
  • Architectural and design guidance
  • Branded or unbranded fuel supply

Retail Store Consultation Services

We offer our partners consultation at no additional cost. These consultations come in the way of help and guidance based on our years of experience in the convenience store business. Consultation is available for such areas as store layout, marketing, in-store merchandising, equipment selection, etc.

Contact Waring Oil Company

Learn more about retail partnerships with Waring Oil by contacting our Dealer Representative, Tyler Allen.

Tyler Allen
Dealer Representative
(601) 573-7707