Managing Labor Costs for C-Stores

How to Maintain Profitability and Save Money When Gas Prices Go Up

Our C-Store clients who carry Waring Oil products and use our fuel services are a part of why our area is experiencing record-low unemployment. However, as the fuel and convenience retailer market becomes more competitive or as gas prices go up, how can they save money?

One strategy is to reduce employee turnover. According to Convenience Store News, turnover was up to 115% in 2017. Hiring qualified workers and keeping your store profitable is difficult, but it’s not impossible.

Reducing Turnover: Hiring Best Practices

Training and Direction

Don’t skimp when training your employees. Make sure that they know what is expected of them and how to perform their job well. Don’t put an employee on a task that does not match their skillset.

Pay and Benefits

Workers who are satisfied with their pay and benefits are less likely to leave. Provide them with pay raises as they accrue experience.

Focus on the Positive

Positive reinforcement is much easier on employees than focusing on the negative areas of performance.

Advancement Opportunities

Employees want to know that they’ll be able to advance as they grow as your worker.

Working Conditions and Equipment

Your employees will flee working conditions, equipment, and supplies aren’t up to snuff. The way you take care of their workspace is a direct reflection on how you value them and their work for you.

Starting a Station?

Waring Oil specializes in fuel station retail partnerships. We help our clients stock quality products, and provide marketing and consultation services. Start building your new business with Waring Oil by contacting our corporate office today.